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Introducing the Mermaid Box - the ultimate set for creating stunning mermaid-themed cookies! This enchanting box includes three unique cookie cutters in the shape of a mermaid tail, a seashell, and a starfish, perfect for bringing a touch of under-the-sea magic to your baked creations. The two accompanying stencils feature intricate scales and a majestic mermaid silhouette, allowing you to add intricate designs to your cookies with ease. To top it all off, the Mermaid Box includes Teal Gel Food Coloring and edible luster dust with a spray bottle for adding a shimmering finish to your cookies, adding an extra dash of oceanic charm to your creations. Whether you're a professional baker or a hobbyist, the Mermaid Box is sure to make a splash at your next cookie decorating session!

Mermaid Box

  • All cookie cutters and stencils need to be hand washed and towel dried.

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