Mermail Tail Cookie Cutter 4"

Scales Stencil 3"x4"


For health and safety concerns we can not accept returned products that may have come in contact with food.


Mermaid Tail & Stencil Combo

  • Ann Clark's tin-plated steel cookie cutters are NOT dishwasher safe!

    To clean and prevent rust, hand wash and dry immediately.

    Handy Drying Tip For Preventing Rust

    Wash your cookie cutters and baking sheet(s) immediately after baking.

    AFTER turning off your oven, place the cookie cutter(s) on the washed cookie sheet and place in the cooling oven. Let the remaining warmth of the oven dry your cookie sheet(s) and cutter(s).

    To clean the stencil simply hold it under warm water until the icing dissolves. Pat dry with paper towel. 

  • Backround ice your cookie in royaling icing or fondant.
    Allow the icing to dry for at least 4 hours. (this can be spead up by placing cookie in a warm oven with the door open or in a food dehydrator.

    Place the stencil on the firm (dried) icing/fondant, spread new icing over the top of the stencil while holding it in place. Scrape off the excess icing and lift the stencil in one quick motion.