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Learn How To Make and Decorate Cookies Like A Professional Cookie Artist

With Our Monthly Cookie Decorating Subscription Box!

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Your first box will be your starter box and include some essential items you will need to start your cookie decorating tool collection:

-Recipes: Cookie Dough & Royal Icing


-Piping Practice Sheet

-Two (2) Rolling Sticks to Help You Roll Your Dough into Perfect 1/4" Sheets

-Icing Scribe

-Four (4) Disposable Piping Bags

-Four (4) Couplers

-Six (6) Different Piping Tips

-One (1) Cookie Cutter

-Exclusive Membership to Our Online Video Cookie Tutorials

Every box after includes:


-Two (2) Cookie Cutters (will vary each month)


-A Surprise Tool to Help You Add Flair to Your Cookies!

-Your Monthly Online Video Cookie Tutorial




Time Left to Order Your March Box

 You will receive your STARTER box in April. 

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What is Cookie University? 


Cookie University is a cookie decorating subscription service. Subscribers will receive a box every month containing cookie decorating tools and will have exclusive access to step by step video tutorials. Subscribers will learn many trade secrets from how to make and bake the dough to how to make their cookies look like they were  made by a professional cookie artist.


What age is this Subscription box recommended for? 


We recommend parental assistance and supervision for children under the age of 14. Cookie Decorating can be a fun activity for the entire family, and also a great hobby for anyone who likes to be creative. 


Are the recipes gluten free? 


The flour in the recipe can be replaced with a 1to1 Gluten free baking blend. The icing is naturally GF.


When will my box ship? 


All orders placed before the 6th of that month will ship around the 10th of the same month. All orders placed after the 6th will ship around the 10th of the following month. The first box ordered will be your starter box and each month following will be a themed box. 


How do I cancel my subscription?  


To cancel your subscription, you will need to do so before your next recurring payment is processed. Your recurring payment depends upon your monthly subscription plan that you choose when you initially signed up. Email kate@cookieuniversity.net to cancel.


What People Are Saying!


Kate is a fantastic teacher, and you will learn how to make really professional looking cookies for all your family events. It’s so much fun to tap into your creativity, and make something delicious at the same time. 


Kate does an amazing job making really wonderful patterns accessible— even for beginners! Her witty teaching style makes every class a delight! She wonderfully balances showing how to make picture perfect cookies with the encouragement to be creative and make each design your own. 


Kate's cookies are delicious and BEAUTIFUL, and I haven't seen her take on a design that she can't do perfectly! And her cookie decorating classes are fun and helpful ❤️ Love this business!!  

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